Its 2021 and you are still thinking about hiring BI consultants to implement your analytical solution ?


GET A 100% MANAGED MyMetrix ANALYTICAL SOLUTION at a fraction of the cost of traditional BI projects.  And reduce your risks with a fixed monthly subscription fee that you can cancel anytime. gives SME leaders access to the kind of state-of-the-art tools that are used in large corporations. With these tools, you can now improve your management process efficiency, accurately measure and analyze real data and build forecasts and budgets with more precision for your finance, accounting, sales, marketing and operational activities. is the product of experience acquired over the years by our team members in the creation of innovative, scalable business solutions that we have deployed for many clients. 

Don’t want to take any risks? Have a restricted budget? Entrust us with your needs, and we’ll deliver the solution that suits you best. 


your finances gives you access to a state-of-the-art data infrastructure, with no integration costs, via an OPEX subscription that can be cancelled at any time. 

your governance offers a single, integrated version of your data. We run it, monitor it and support it in a secure cloud environment. No more issues with the durability of your applications.

your teams

Liberate yourself with access to current, comprehensive, validated and coherent information. Your employees can now devote their time and knowledge to high value-added activities.

Your data will always be current, coherent and consistent.

  • Regularly updated data without human intervention
  • Data from numerous systems that communicate with each other and can be cross-referenced
  • One unique definition for all your measurements and indicators, whatever their source

We manage your data to help you grow your business.


Wherever you are and whatever platform you use, your data is always accessible.


Your data is useable via a customized interactive dashboard.


Your data is securely stored, hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. solutions are the result of the skills developed by our team of dedicated and highly knowledgeable experts. They do really help our customers focus on their core business, make better decisions using trustable and secured tools we provide. We support them daily in their growth. 

Hom much does it cost?

Startup package

  • 5 users maximum
  • 1 to 2 data sources
  • Weekly updates
  • 5 KPIs
  • Monitoring included
  • Phone support included


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SME package

  • 15 users maximum
  •   2 data sources
  • Daily updates
  • 15 KPIs
  • Monitoring included
  • Phone support included


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Enterprise package

  •   15 users and more
  •   3 data sources and more
  • Daily updates
  • Unlimited KPIs
  • Monitoring included
  • Phone support included


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How it works


5-10 days


5-10 days


15-30 days


5 days



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